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DituelCRM (customer service) is a CRM class system (Customer Relationship Management). It facilitates and speeds up the work of Sales Departments and Marketing departments offering fast access to key customer information. The System has a modular construction which ensures full scalability and flexibility in the expansion of the application. There are, among other things. modules to ensure the allocation and monitoring of tasks and a remote module, secure encoded access to the system via a Web browser.


Contacts Management

-responsible for customer relationship management.


The system allows you to enter customer data according to various criteria. retail customers, business customers, partners, cooperatives, etc. linked to the customer is the history of contacts (meetings, phone calls, email, etc.) placed in the form of notes and information about people with whom there were such contacts, the data stored in the contact database can be searched by using the search engine, access to specific information about your contacts is carried out on the basis of roles, its users have access only to the information which they are authorised to access.


The system facilitates the planning of contacts with clients by using the task calendar module has tools to enable managers to assign specific tasks to other workers (e.g., call, arrange meeting, etc.). The system controls the deadlines for implementation of tasks and if they fail to meet deadlines it sends an alert to a specific user. The system has tools to generate online surveys and forms that you may optionally be published on the website (e.g., one to gauge potential interest),. The system can  store in the atachments of documents matters associated with a particular client such as contract, correspondence, etc.. It also has a function to generate correspondence and produce printed matter.


Reports Tools

-the module responsible for reporting. For analysis and reporting using Crystal Reports-one of the most popular tools of this type.


The System offers ready-made reports such as:

  • sales forecasts, 
  • information about clients classified by market segments, 
  • information about the number of contacts made by a particular sales rep, 
  • expired orders, revenue, broken down by individual sales reps and others.


Ready reports can be parameterized directly by users. The module allows you to create any number of reports defined by client (by using the Crystal Reports reports can also be created directly by the client).


The main advantages of the solutions offered by us include:

  • small hardware requirements-users use the system via a Web browser and therefore the system can use on any computer set with a browser installed,
  • compliance with Polish legal requirements- the system complies with the act on the protection of Personal Data,
  • rapid deployment time-through the use of Internet technology deployment time is reduced to a minimum, 
  • users do not require time-consuming training since they use of an intuitive Web browser interface, 
  • the scalability of the system which thanks to its modular construction can be extended in the future in accordance with the needs of the client.
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