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 About Us


Our company, under the name of Dituel Poland, was founded in 2001 by focusing its activities on providing our customers with systems supporting the control of the business processes taking place inside and outside the company. However, in a very short time, we expanded the scope of our activities significantly. Several years of experience, a wide range of top quality products and services and the acquisition and maintenance of our key customers have meant that, as of May 2008, we have operated as a limited liability company named Dituel.

About Us

Our team is mainly composed of young but experienced and solid professionals. We constantly raise their qualifications and increase their knowledge. We use the latest technology in computer science and programming. Thanks to this, we are able to cope with any, even A very complex task. We are not afraid of challenges, which we face with passion and commitment we aim to target. We use a proven project management methodology, we have several certified project managers in methodologies recognised throughtout the world.

At the head of our team is PhD Lukasz Sosnowski - the founder of the company, who is additionally carrying out scientific research at the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences. Lukasz Sosnowski, designates the direction of our actions and makes our work for us not only a duty, but also a way to personal fulfilment.

Phd Łukasz Sosnowski

Phd Łukasz Sosnowski - CEO

President and one of the company's co-founders, defining its lines of development as well as long- and short-term goals. Defended his PhD dissertation with honours at the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences. Assistant professor at the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, continuing his research into artificial intelligence, the use of comparator networks for the identification of compound objects and of similarity for the purposes of assessment.
Dariusz Marcin Pietrzak

Dariusz Marcin Pietrzak - Board Member

He started his career as a computer hardware engineer. Then he dealt with server administration and deployment of information systems. Currently fully the role a member of the Board of Directors and head of interfaces (webdevelopment). With a taste for working as a designer/developer (frontend).
Our products

Our products are reliable and fully adapted to the expectations and requirements of the clients who placed their trust in us. Currently, we specialize in the creation of dedicated software that closely matches specific requirements and environment in which we work. What results here are individual solutions in close cooperation with the customer, so that they have a direct impact on the built application. In addition, we have created our own products, from which our customers can draw benefits.


In view of the growing market demand for functional and affordable content management systems and e-learning systems (online courses), we have developed our own systems, which are fully adapted to the needs of most customers: DituelPS and DituelE-learning


We also offer customers an integrated online shopping system, DituelShop that allows the user to sell products on the Internet. This system may be part of the DituelPS-based portal or an extension of an e-platform for educations
Professionally and quickly we create simple Web pages as well as major Websites with CMS with an easily managable structure and content of the website, enabling use without knowledge of any programming language. 

We carry out comprehensive work on computer audit institutions or enterprises, designing advanced information systems and advanced development work in different programming languages. 


Detailed information about our products and services can be found in the products and services sections.



Please note, that by working with us, you choose a reliable and responsible partner who puts emphasis on the high quality of their products and services, their implementation and a very competetive price. We are not afraid of challenges, because we create with passion, and the success of our customers is the success of our company and a source of satisfaction for Us.

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