Dituel Ltd

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Comparators Reasoning systems based on the similarity of objects
  • Building human-readable decision-making structures basing on similarity of features
  • Modelling complicated relations by means of simple methods
  • Universality and high efficiency of the method
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence Business process optimization
  • Methods and processes to optimize business decisions
  • Intuitive detection of events relevant to the business
  • Data collection and data management, analysis and distribution of information
Web applications
Web applications Use your application wherever you are and whatever you're doing
  • Access to applications both within a single department, building, and around the world
  • Using Java (J2EE) and PHP
  • Ease of installation and low hardware requirements
Creating CMS portals
Creating CMS portals Building pages based on the content management system.
  • Designing the structure and graphical visualization
  • Creating a fully semantic code according to the design
  • Integration with Content Management System
Analytical work
Analytical work Analyzing problems, issues, needs, resources and planning bussiness processes
  • Analysis of needs for the purchase and implementation of computer software
  • Analysis of business processes
  • Creating documentation in UML 2.0
Outsourcing IT
Outsourcing IT Focus on management processes essential objectives and core competencies of the organization.
  • Constant supervision over the work of information systems
  • Implementation of systems supporting work
  • Work on the installation and configuration of hardware and software