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Web applications

Thanks to the development of information technology program access need not be limited to the company premises, to a particular computer or be time-bound. What's more: it is possible to use the application without the need for a time-consuming process of installation on one's computer,  concerns about whether the version is up to date or its compatibility with the operating systems.

All that is needed is a WWW Web Browser, a fixed link to the net, password and within a few seconds it is possible to start using the most recently updated software.

Web applications are run on special computers-servers which are connected to the user's PCs. Because of their universality, access to the application is possible to in one department, a whole building or indeed worldwide.

These are limited only by the requirements of users. The only equirement is a Web browser (which is already standard in any modern operating system) and a permanent Internet connection to the server.
Our company has created and implemented these types of applications for our clients.

To create the software we use Java technologies (J2EE) and PHP, so that our customers are not rigidly restricted in their choice of databases, and the operating system installed on the servers.

The Web applications we create will work just as well both on the servers running Linux as well as Windows. Please note that mean servers only here. Users of the application can work on computers with Windows, Linux or indeed, other more exotic operationg systems. It is only necessary to have a Web Browser and Internet connection to the server.


Additional advantages of Web applications are:

  • ease of installation - we install the software only on the server,
  • data protection - the communication between the user and the client computers can be encrypted and the data on the server easily archived,
  • small hardware requirements - for use with it is not necessary to purchase a new computer, increasing the amount of memory or buying A hard drive may suffice.


To sum up:

Web applications, a common approach to the use of the programs. Cost-effective approach especially in the case of companies, employing many workers or employees are on the move.

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