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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI )

 the information resources of the company and experience and knowledge of business operators, BI systems help understand its dynamics. Offering tools for data exploration, It enables the user to explore opportunities, identify trends and intuitively discover business-relevant events. BI also collects and manages data and analyzes and distributes information.


Business Intelligence systems

consists of many analytical tools. These tools primarily carry out a range of data analyses. Data is collected at the base of the pyramid in the heart of the system-the data warehouse (so - called. Data Warehousing).


Business Intelligence applications can be divided into two dimensions:

  • in terms of the frequency of use and number of users,
  • and the complexity and potential of what they entail for the given business user.

So, looking at the drawing, it can be concluded that the higher we are in the hierarchy, the more complicated analyses are carried out, that as a result, potentially gives better results (for example, by using the Data Mining). If we go lower in the given hierarchy, We will find the tools used more frequently and by a larger number of users.


We specialize in creating systems at various levels of the hierarchy illustrated.

Our company can help you to create the following business solutions:

  • data warehousing based on reference-based databases,
  • data warehouses based on multidimensional databases, transactional systems (OLTP) and reporting systems,
  • analytical OLAP class systems,
  • Data Mining class forecasting systems.


The solutions above are based on the basis of tools from leading companies.

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