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Outsourcing IT

We know how important for any business is the smooth operation of computer hardware, networks, systems and software. Nowadays, no company can afford to malfunction , which could paralyze all office operations , cause data loss and block the smooth flow of information . Such a situation could result in serious consequences - the loss of customers , penalties for delay in shipping documents and even legal consequences arising from their contracts .


Therefore, bearing in mind the important role of equipment uptime and IT services for the company , we would like to introduce our range of outsourcing services.


Outsourcing , or work orders that are not core business profession , is today one of the most efficient and the most favorable business methodology . As a result, your company can focus its resources and financial resources to those areas that are the basis for its actions.


As part of the outsourcing agreement you will receive :

  • Constant supervision over the work of computer systems in a company aimed at preventing accidents and possible data loss .
  • Proper maintenance of computer equipment.
  • Work on the installation and configuration of equipment , depending on the individual needs of users.
  • Help in choosing the appropriate hardware and software including the optimum ratio of price to quality.
  • Implementation of systems supporting work such as backup systems , groupware systems , content management systems (CMS ) and others.
  • Update drivers and software .
  • Conducting appropriate training at customer .
  • Replacement of faulty network elements with time- insert placeholders .
  • Mediation on the warranty and post-warranty service of computer equipment .
  • Helpdesk by phone and e-mail .
  • Guarantee response to critical reporting and standard .
  • Care of the databases.
  • Other activities for which the offer may be extended at the request of the customer.


We also :

  • Implementing and maintaining a family of operating systems Windows, Linux, Unix desktop and server versions .
  • Implementing and maintaining databases , min. PostgreSQL , Mysql , MSDE , MSSQL , Oracle, Sybase .
  • Implementing and maintenance of systems supporting the work of minutes . Egroupware , Redmine , etc. BackupPC .
  • Implementing and maintenance of systems dedicated to copyright min . DituelPS , DocuNet , Dituel Workflow Solution etc.
  • Implementing and maintenance of Web-based systems of family OpenSource min . Joomla, WordPress, OsCommerce and others.


Depending on the number of positions and the individual needs of companies you can choose one of three basic packages outsourcing *: 







Pack VIP

The maximum number of computers to be protected: 3 10 25 50
The maximum number of hours spent at the client in the subscription: 3 10 18 40
The frequency of review of the system: once a quarter once a month once a month once a month
The maximum response time for notification weekdays from 9-17: 6h 4h 3h 2h
The monthly subscription cost **: 350 PLN 999 PLN 2399 PLN 4999 PLN
* at the request of the customer, we can create a new, separate package.
** net prices.


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