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DituelDRS is a system designed to keep records of the use of a fleet of cars, computers, software, mobile phones, and computer accessories in a company or Corporation. The System also checks the users of individual objects.


In addition it is equipped with a fuel card handler that allows importing transactions with a card assigned to the individual user. In this way, the calculation of the fuel consumption of a given user only requires a single click to generate a report. The data collected in the system is accessed by a predefined set of reports. In the documents, import function phones giving the possibility of accounting for telephone calls. In addition, there is also the function of creating custom reports. Access to individual modules and features for users is defined by the administrator through a system of permissions.




The application is characterized by the following features:

  • support for car fleets, 
  • a collection of computers, phones and SIM cards, fleet, fleet support,
  • fleet support for computer accessories, 
  • consumables allowances,
  • fuel card clearing, 
  • settlement support for telephone subscriber billing,
  • cross-cutting and for a particular user, 
  • ease of application,
  • a simple and intuitive interface.


Advantages of the solution:

  • The main advantages offered by us solutions include:
  • lack of quantitative restrictions for the supported components,
  • ease of installation,
  • low equipment requirements,
  • rapid deployment time,
  • expandability,
  • ease of adding new reports.
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