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DituelModerator texts is a module that allows to automatically identify unauthorized content that should not be included in the system. This module can be integrated with postal systems, fora, chat-lines, blogs and other systems processing the text generated by the users. We define the module reference according to a set of objects to which the module will compare incoming texts (phraseS). In addition, there is also a collection of exceptions that will filter the incoming text, even if it meets many of the criteria.


In the decision-making process an activity parameter is also employed making it possible to control the sensitivity of the module. In general, a module can contain multiple criteria to measure similarities and make a decision based on them, often conditionally dependent. Depending on the needs and specific characteristics of the given module data can be parameterized accordingly. This module is an application that runs in the server and has no interface. It may be an integrated part of other systems such as DituelPS and is then equipped with an interface from the systems with which it is integrated.


Advantages of the solution

The main advantages offered by us solutions include:

  • high performance capacity,
  • the ability to adapt to the specifics of the data,
  • quick deployment time,
  • learning on the basis of past experience,
  • great adaptability.
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