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Intranets are accessed through a Web Browser aplace where assembly, sharing and exchange of information within the company/institution takes place. The perfect tool to create such sites is DituelPS (Dituel Portal Server). The content of any site is the responsibility of different departments, and DituelPS is a tool which multiple users to work on and provides a quick and intuitive publication of the entered content.


DituelPS is a flexible Renewal System CMS (Content Management System) designed and developed with a view to the creation of portals and news outlets. Thanks to DituelPS the site content can be managed concurrently by many users, who in addition, do not need to have technical knowledge of how to create Websites.


DituelPS – our flagship product – consists of  modules responsible for individual features, so each client according to their needs and intended uses, buys only a section of what is actually needed.  The diversity of the functionality of existing modules makes it possible for the client to construct a highly complex and varied Portal without having to wait for the additional programming work. Special orders are, however, very much appreciated by us, because, among other reasons,  it means the product is alive and is constantly developing.


DituelPS is a great way to design and manage the content of your own website. Regardless of the scale of their activities by the entities DituelPS guarantees that, at any time, each authorised employee will be able to make changes to the content published on the website.

The use of DituelPS is a breakthrough for any company that uses the internet, because it opens up new possibilities, allows for quick changes (promotion, price lists, etc.) and what is very important, is a sense of independence from the people or companies tah manage content in the traditional way.




The main advantages of the solutions offered by us include:

  • a wide range of functional modules available,
  • a unique system design and system performance,
  • support for multiple sites at the same time,
  • security and productivity of the system,
  • the built-in permission System file repository,
  • access control with highly scalable solutions.
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