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DituelSEARCH is an application for indexing and search functionality for integrated content sharing portals. It constitutes a module that runs in the background, with a wide range of performance scaling and parameterizing the quality of the returned results. The module has been designed with a support function for the reconstruction of an inquiry in order to provide the most intuitive results for the user. The engine is equipped with an artificial intelligence mechanisms which makes it easier to pinpoint misspelled and key questions. In addition, the module has the capacity to service enquiries based on fuzzy logic, which allows for imprecise questions by the user to be answered satisfactorily.


The basic features of the module:

  • The capacity of configuring enquiries, 
  • Widening the set of results with related items,
  • Full-text search with the possibility of parameterization of the individual fields of indexes,
  • Dynamically creating an index for different types of documents,
  • Ability to handle multiple sites within a single instance of the module,
  • Dynamically creating an index for different types of documents, 
  • The possibility of presenting common results for different types of documents, 
  • The ability to refine the results from the list of returned items,
  • The ability to return results also in the form of binary elements such as pictures, files, etc..
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